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“Lyngo Theatre have managed to create a piece which is visually stunning while also retaining a sense of fun, play and interaction which is so important when performing to a young audience. Appealing to both children and adults alike, [this] is a challenging, unique and excellently executed production." The Reviews Hub

"We took our recently-turned 6 year old to [watch it at] the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon. This one-man production performed by Patrick Lynch (C-Beebies) is children’s theatre at its best.” Unknown Audience Member,

“The classic tale was simply but very effectively staged and kept the audience entertained.  In fact there were times that the young audience participated in response to what they were watching which was most satisfying. The music was also excellently arranged, creating the atmosphere and encouraged the imagination.” Unknown Audience Member,

“Patrick Lynch moves from character to character effortlessly and convincingly and does not falter during the 50 minute duration of the play.  A star performance and a performer truly engaged with his young audience!” Unknown Audience Member,



We had such an amazing time last year with Lyngo Theatre at Jack and The Beanstalk, (read our review here) that we were looking forward to this year’s The Curious Adventures of Pinocchio.

The Curious Adventures of Pinocchio is an excellent retelling of the story of Pinocchio. Artistic Director, Patrick Lynch doesn’t disappoint with his unique style of story telling. This master storyteller was able to put together the entire production on his own. The children were captivated from the minute he appeared onstage and started the narration.  At every corner of the theatre, I could hear children laughing or asking when would Pinocchio’s nose grow longer haha…


As expected, the props that accompanied his master retelling of the story were simple yet effective. Amidst dusty old books, the magic starts and the story of Pinocchio comes alive on stage. Patrick was able not only to hold the attention of the young audience, he made them laugh gleefully at his playful antics and his curious magical props.

My favourite part must have been when Pinocchio crushes all those ice cream cones (oops! I mean Pinocchio’s long nose) bit by bit by bit after he learns not to lie again.

Wey was spellbound throughout the entire hour. Although there were no actors, and many of the characters in the story that Patrick spoke of were left to imagination only, I could see he was truly absorbed in the story unfolding onstage. At one point, he even exclaimed out loud, “Oh no, this story is tragic…” I was quite surprised at his choice of words because it showed that he was emotionally invested and had empathy for the characters of the story. Therein lies the mastery of Lyngo Theatre’s story telling.



ACT 3 International presents The Curious Adventures of Pinocchio by Lyngo Theatre

I have never been to any Lyngo theatre before hence I do not know what to expect of it. I knew it was a one-man show and one scene backdrop show and I had my skepticism how is it possible to keep entertain the audience especially kids for almost 1 hour, but Patrick Lynch who is also the artistic director of Lyngo Theatre did just that.

There are lots of imagination involved which is superb for my older kids .Though the recommendations was for 5 year old and above, my 4 year old was wildly entertained and was glued to the actor and the stage for a good one hour. However due to his age he will not be able to fully understand the entire story and make full use of his imaginations unlike the older kids.
While many has read the story of Pinocchio how many has read the original Pinochhio story entitled The adventures of Pinocchio by an Italian author Carlo Collodi. Lyngo Theatre interpretation stay true to its original story which may not be familiar to many however it is quite easy to follow.
It was a simple setup a table full of books and a story teller/actor who played all the characters in the original Pinocchio story. It started with woodcarver Gepetto obtaining a block of wood which was carved into a wooden puppet called Pinocchio. At the very beginning the audience was introduce with a little bit of magic where they saw the wooden block moved much to the delight of kids. Patrick has used the elements such as books to portray dialogues or swapping of simple props like the sunglasses to differentiate the speech of the blind cat and the cunning fox.
The use of ice cream cone to signify Pinocchio long nose when he lied and Patrick crushes the long stack of cones to signify the curse was gone was simply ingenious. He also uses the pages from the books to mimic sea waves which i thought really fuels the imaginations of the younger audience. As the back drop was black, many effects were done using gold, silver foils, feathers, bubbles and water.
The audience was literally brought on an adventure with Pinocchio as he skipped school, got tricked by the cat and fox , healed by the turquoise fairy, turned into a donkey, saved by the tuna, and ultimately became a real boy which was the original story written in 1883.
At the end of the show, Patrick spent 10 minutes to whoever who is curious about any “magical” effect that were used during the show. He also explained the use of books as props as we lived in the day and age of technology where tablets and smartphones dominate over books. He hoped through this production, Lyngo Theatre can bring back the appreciation of books and bring back the magic of theatre. We also had the opportunity to take a photo with Patrick as a memory of our very magical afternoon with him.

As an adult watching this for the first time, I am amazed at the power of theatre production. It doesn’t have to be a one with many backdrop changes, musical effects or a huge cast to make one successful production. Thank you ACT 3 International for bringing such world class productions to the fortunate children in Singapore. It is only showing till end of this week, do bring your children to uncover the simple magic of children theatre productions.