Jack and the Beanstalk - Lyngo Theatre




Just been to Lyngo  production of Jack and the Beanstalk in Oxford. Can’t praise Patrick Lynch enough for bringing it to life. My daughter, wife and I loved it. Good work!


We had such a good time this afternoon watching #jackandthebeanstalk, it was fabulous! The whole family loved it!

We went to see Patrick lynch today in the Lyngo  production of jack and the beanstalk,in front of a crazy crowd of special needs kids!! Fantastic!! Patrick is absoloutly hillairious!!!my son laughed uncontrollably!!He even stormed the stage at the end!! Thankyou patrick!!


We had a brilliant time watching your production of Jack In The Beanstalk. It was wonderful to see such a high quality production and performance aimed at young children. Thank you

We saw Tom Thumb last year, and Jack and the Beanstalk in Leeds on Sunday. Both beautiful, enchanting and engaging. Would recommend to anyone whether they had children or not.

We saw this in Manchester a few weeks ago. My four year old was mesmerised.

Just seen 'Jack and the Beanstalk' at Theatr Mwldan in Cardigan and we thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you. Very innovative and clever theatre and exactly the right level for three generations of our family, including my youngest who is three! I will be looking out for you coming back. Thank you.

Just watched Jack and the Beanstalk. What an incredible performance. We'll be back to watch egg and spoon!

Size 106..... the giants shoe!
Fantastic performance as ever Patrick at Colchester Arts Centre today. Can’t wait to see you again there soon.

We took our 3 year old son to see Jack and the Bean Stalk today. It was just magical! My son, my husband and myself were transfixed! And my son hasn’t stopped talking about it since!

My son and I have just been to see Jack and the Beanstalk. Absolutely brilliant! The only thing he didn’t like was when it ended.

Went to see Jack and the Beanstalk today in the Pavillion Theatre in Dun Laoighre. What a wonderful show. You had the adults and children enthralled by your wonderful storytelling and humour. A highly recommended show for all. Thank you for a most enjoyable afternoon.

I went to see Jack and the beanstalk in Ipswich with my 4 year old son today he loved it thank you so much it's a wonderful show xx

Fantastic and magical show this evening. Kids loved it and were mesmerised. Jack and the Beanstalk will be remembered.

Saw Jack & Beanstalk today at Arlington Arts with my (almost) 5yr old grandson. A wonderful show, very visual & not too scary. All the children around us were thoroughly enjoying show. Grandson can sometimes find things like this overwhelming, but was roaring with laughter

My son & I both really enjoyed Jack and the Beanstalk at Arlington Arts today. The props were inventive & very clever, my 5 yr old was impressed how many characters could be played by one person & said it was the best Jack and the Beanstalk he’d ever seen.




Just when I thought that every last fairy tale had been made into a theatre production, I’m surprised yet again that there’s yet one more! Yep, Jack and the Beanstalk is a classic fairy tale which we’ve yet seen on stage until now.

Together with Lyngo Theatre, Act 3 International brings this Giant of a fairy tale to stage at the National Library Black Box Theatre

Everyone knows the classic story about Jack who sells his cow, Milky White, for 5 magic beans that grew and grew overnight to reach a land above the clouds where the Giants live. Now join LYNGO‘s fun storytelling and hilarious exploration of the land of Giants and expect lots of fun surprises and squeals of laughter!

We had so much fun at today’s stage performance. The kids were all riveted to what was happening onstage. The set was simple as with the storyline that remained unchanged from the familiar, and yet every bit captivating with the well timed lighting cues and music.

The wonderful acting and performance by just one very energetic engaging actor drew laughter from every corner of the theatre. That is the children’s theatre success of Lyngo ~ One man, all the laughter.

The audience interaction was superb even without asking for anyone to come onstage or purposefully baiting the audience to participate. The atmosphere was so relaxed at the Black Box Theatre this afternoon that the children felt so at ease to shout out their thoughts right from where they sat at every possible moment. Watch for the really Enormous boot, tiny house, snow and showers of silver and gold and some squirts of ‘milk’ for the front seats! A really good show that wastes nothing!

Backstage Workshop Tour

If anything, don’t miss the Backstage Workshop Tour. There are limited spaces and tickets available for this and it’s really really worth doing!

At the backstage workshop, you get the Meet and Greet to meet the man behind the amazing performance. But what’s most precious about this 30 minute workshop is that your kids get to explore theatre behind the scenes.

The children are encouraged to think how each scene is achieved, how and why a prop is made in that way, what lightings are used and why and what they noticed about the music used! I learnt that there were 45 different lighting cues for this short 50minute production! Wow!

Watch this mini-video of parts of the Backstage tour that we so enjoyed and loved!

As a parent interested in the Arts and wanting to cultivate the same love for Arts in my little one, I found this workshop really great creative fun. The kids were given every opportunity to interact with the actor, with the props and with what they had just watched, to explore and imagine.

I could see it really helped Wey put his creative thoughts in place as he thought through the play he just watched and how each scene was achieved.

The discussion was highly interactive as the kids were told and taught how things were done. Everyone even the adults had fun!

As the show ended, I couldn’t help but to ask the kiddos what they thought about Jack’s actions, was it right or wrong? Although the fairy tale doesn’t quite give a sense of Jack doing any wrong, and seems to celebrate the fact that he killed the Giant, my take home discussion for Wey was to check out his moral compass despite the fair tale’s presentation.
I was quite pleased that Wey’s immediate response was that Jack was not right to steal (not just once but actually thrice!) from the Giant. Wey said to me “Mama, being poor doesn’t mean he can steal from the Giant. And because he didn’t work hard for what he stole, he used it up so quickly and had to go back to steal again!” Wow!! Thank you, Wey! So we’re good in that department! hahah! Phew! So, there you have it, a great take home lesson and teaching opportunity for the kids too! 
Don’t miss this great fun opportunity to meet theatre in a fun innovative way with LYNGO, a UK based Children’s Theatre company. Their shows have delighted children for over 10 years, with their inventive use of beautifully designed and handmade ‘theatre toys’ with a genuine approach to playing and interacting with their audience.

Lyngo Theatre: Jack and the Beanstalk review

The Young Londoner reviews Jack and the Beanstalk performed by Lyngo Theatre.

Jack and the Beanstalk is a classic fairy tale where Jack has to sell the family’s only source of food and income (Daisy the cow!) for 5 magic beans which end up taking Jack on a journey into a magical land of giants and gold laying hens.

In case you were wondering what the ingredients for a great show were, the Lyngo theatre have them: a great storyteller and performance artist, lots of magical flying paraphernalia such as gold dust, fake snow, sprays of water and a very large shoe.

This one man show is performed by CBeebies Patrick Lynch where he comes into his own as a storyteller and magic maker. Although the show is ideal for children over 3 years of age, our two year olds were captivated (for the majority of the performance) – it helps having a clear booming voice to bring you back into the story if you get distracted (and toddlers get distracted a lot!)

There’s also miniature houses, funny imaginary cows and the matriarch that is the giant’s mother. Jack and the Beanstalk is touring throughout the UK and upcoming dates can be found here.