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We took our 26 month old grandson to see Heart of Winter at the point theatre Eastleigh and it was fantastic. Beautifully performed with an amazing set. We feared he may be a little young as recommended 3+ but absolutely not - he was mesmerised. Thank you for spreading the festive cheer one and all. Recommend seeing this lovely story on stage

Just seen #heartofwinter at The Point. Was brilliant. Recommend it. Had a lovely Christmas feel. Amazing performance and felt involved.

Magical time at The Heart of Christmas in Eastleigh tonight (it’s on til the 24th so plenty of time if you want to go!). We took 3.5yr old Tris and he loved it— at The Point.

Was at Westport Town Hall this afternoon with 3 of my grandchildren and they really enjoyed it.
The story brilliantly told by wonderful actor and actress and very interactive held their attention throughout.

Went to watch The heart of winter at the Queens Hall, Newtownards. It was a lovely story, well acted out with such minimal props and we enjoyed every minute of it. It was so nice seeing you interact with the kids and the kids running to grab the snow! Beautiful for all the family.

Just been to see Heart of Winter in The Alley theatre Strabane. It was just encanting! We all loved it, kids and grown ups alike! Thank you.

Enthralling performance of Heart of Winter in Siamsa Tire yesterday- brought four 4-6year olds and they were transfixed. So creative and interactive.

Thank you for a fabulous performance this evening. I highly recommend the Heart of Winrer show.! Beautiful.

LYNGO THEATRE wowed me in Watergate Kilkenny with their latest magical children’s play HEART OF WINTER. With hundreds of wonderful children I was swept along like a snowflake into a snowball and then a puppet snowman wowed all An umbrella made rain and drops fell on me.




Liam Murphy

Munster Express

CHILDREN'S THEATRE REVIEW                 Heart Of Winter
Lyngo Theatre has a well-deserved reputation and international acclaim for being one of the most creative and imaginative children's theatre companies. During the year, I saw Egg & Spoon in Garter Lane and Jack And The Beanstock in Watergate Kilkenny, so it was such a pleasure to see the latest seasonal production, Heart Of Winter. A two-hander by Patrick Lynch playing the role of the father of a young girl, Sally (Francesca Anderson). Christmas was coming, but Sally cannot sleep as the weather was too hot. It hadn't rained in ages and father sells umbrellas. There is no prospect of snow and Christmas trees are shrivelling in the heat.
Sally tries to tell a snowy, wintery bedtime story that becomes her dream of seeking out the last tiny snowflake in a desolate land that has lost it's Winter.
Before the show, as young children gathered, there was such anticipation, such a buzz of going to see a show in a theatre, and I was carried along on that expectant surge. Oh, that I could recapture that sense of wonder again, but Lyngo reached out to me and drew me into the heart of makebelieve, and I believed. Flowers wilted and shed their petals, a sunflower bowed with exhaustion, and father made wonders with a series of imaginative umbrellas. The story was told with lots of imaginative and believable props, as a pillow became a small fluffy cloud, and a duvet cover was a billowing, dancing, expanding cloud.
Bit by bit, little things began to turn good. An umbrella rained water down on the audience. The last snowflake floated in and grew into a snowball, and then a puppet snow child and later a snowman.
There was a warm glow at the heart of this play as children from the audience turned a mattress into a field of snow, and decorated windows and a Christmas tree. The cheers were an ovation, and the children brought the magic back to schools and families.