After a brief pause (!) we came howling back this Christmas (2021) with our new show Little Red Riding Hood which played to sell-out shows over November and December at Lighthouse Poole and Waterside Sale.

It occurred to us at the start of our development that this is a story all about dressing-up and pretending to be someone else so the idea of using a wardrobe as our set seemed obvious.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Arts Council we were able to develop all sorts of ingenious ways of using this magic container of clothes and in our show it becomes a dimensional portal with constantly changing contents, secret doors and hidden panels.

Of course Marcello Chiarenza was there to help with design and directing and Cialdo wrote more fantastic music and songs. We were also very lucky to have the amazing Francesca Anderson performing, along with Patrick Lynch. Edmund Sutton supported all behind the scenes.

It's had great feedback such as "50 minutes of pure childhood joy!" (number9reviews) and is perfect for ages 3-8

Because the set consists of a wardrobe it is perfect for studio and mid-stage but can also do non-traditional spaces.

It's not just a Christmas title though - we'll be playing it throughout the year in various theatres - and we're taking bookings now for 2022 and 2023.