Circus Minimus - Lyngo Theatre


Circus Minimus


This is Lyngo’s second in-the-round show for the very young.

Roll up, crawl up and toddle up to the smallest biggest Circus in the world! General Tom Thumb is your ringmaster and once your are settled in our circular circus it’s time for the show to begin. And you are the show! There is nothing more spectacular than the breathtaking feats of a family - Mums spinning plates, Dads flying by the seat of their pants, little clowns and tiny tigers. We put you in the ring and let you do your thing! Like all our shows for the very young you can either relax on our cushions or get up and into the spotlight. In this guided interactive journey through domesticity we start in the garden with the sheep parade and head for the dining room where we serve up the sun and the moon on our giant tablecloth. Instantly we find ourselves in bed where it’s time to dream of the ocean of night and the sparkling star fish while a flying jellyfish looks down on us, waving luminous tentacles. Circus Minimus will show you that you are having the greatest adventure possible – being a family.

“There's a high level of child involvement and (a) delight in imaginative participation … This is theatre that works through, and enhances, young audiences' understanding.”

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