Egg and Spoon - Lyngo Theatre


Egg and Spoon


Our first special theatre show for the early years. The very young won’t sit still to watch a show and we don’t expect them to. Egg and Spoon is an interactive romp through the seasons where you come in and out of our magic circle and get to open all the gifts of nature. Percy and April get you settled on our comfortable cushions and introduce you to Birdy, still hiding in his glowing egg. We have to wait till Spring if we want to see him so it’s time to begin our hands-on journey through the year with flocks of real flying birds circling around our special growing tree. We’ll run through the rain and the falling leaves and sleep under the snow till Spring wakes us up for the butterfly party. This show has delighted children all over the world from New York to Singapore and when Birdy does come out they all want to give him a little stroke and a feed. Egg and Spoon is a perfect gentle introduction to the magic of theatre.

“Most important is the company's ability to work at a pace and with a simple directness that gains genuine responses and involvement from very young people (…)There's nothing to frighten, everything to enjoy, right up to the final moment when (without a spoon in sight) the egg hatches and a new chick emerges to greet the audience, and the world.”

“Suitable for even the shortest attention spans.” The New York Times

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