Knick Knack and Doo Dad - Lyngo Theatre



‘We loved it. Jampacked full of creativity and ideas. Fantastic physicality and beautiful clowning.’

‘Felt the theme of friendship was cleverly dealt with through exploration of sharing, caring and also playing. The objects of rubbish were transformed into objects of fun and/beauty and the audience were involved in that process.’

‘A handmade gift given from the heart, It is indeed the thought that counts. The children in our group from ages 2.5 to 8 had a great time and are still talking about bits they remember. Thanks’



'A charming spectacle.. a great kids show.. the dynamic duo mastered the art of clowning brilliantly... Their knockabout antics had their intended audience hooting with laughter, jumping up and down in their seats and clapping along to music by Cialdo Capelli. the perfect level of humour for children to thoroughly relish. It was evident that each and every child was left utterly mesmerised by the performance, some claiming that they would give it "50 Billion out of 5"! '

‘Theatrically inventive, sublime acting.’ Birmingham Post