Marcello Chiarenza - Lyngo Theatre

Marcello Chiarenza


Writer, director and designer

Marcello Chiarenza ‘s work is situated on the border between figurative art and theatre, between symbolic sculpture and event organization in his multi-roles of sculptor, painter, scenographer, designer, theatre writer and director. In the last decades he has been involved with installations, exterior and interior art exhibitions and theatre design for the stage and open-air. He has worked in many cities in Italy and abroad, in theatres, in nature reserves, by rivers and lakes, on beaches and up mountains. Some of his work is housed by institutions such as the new library in Maastricht and Olivetti's offices in Rome.

He has written, created and directed numerous children's shows, adapting myths and fairy-tales such as Hansel and Gretel, Tom Thumb, religious stories like the 'cantico delle creature' of Saint Francis and creating original work like The Fish’s Wishes.

These productions have appeared all over Italy, in children's theatre festivals and as touring shows in their own right with companies like Accademia Perduta. He has also been at the cutting edge of the emerging 'circus- theatre' scene in Italy, being the director of the first three shows of that genre ever performed in Italy - Labirinto Mare, Visioni, and Ombra di Luna, all three based on the myth of Gilgamesh. This series has continued with the shows Creature, Tesoro and Homeless which is still touring extensively in Europe.