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Carlo Cialdo Capelli studied at the Bologna conservatory with teachers such as G.F. Fugazza, K. Stockhausen, B. Ferneyhough, and G. Petrassi, and participated in the making of The show "Il Treno di John Cage" in 1978.

He works mainly with synthesised and electronic music, writing scores for dozens of theatre shows and working with artists such as Arturo Brachetti, Carmelo Bene, Sandro Luporini, Giorgio Gaber (from 1985 al 1990) il Teatro del Buratto (from 1987 al 1993), Dario Moretti (from 1995), and Accademia Perduta (from 1998).

He was the winner of the 'children's composer' prize in Como with his first work "L'anello magico" (the magic ring) and since then he has specialised in children's theatre often making use of his "Tuttopiano", a piano with a keyboard running all around its perimeter. Since the late 90’s he has directed his own shows such as "The dancer and the pianist", an anthology of the songs of Dario Fo and written all the music for the circus-theatre shows that Marcello has created.