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Carlo rossi



Carlo has been performing with us since 2010. He studied with the legendary Czech clown Bolek Polivka and brings to our work a surreal and absurd twist that fits very well with our philosophy and is an important part of the European theatre tradition. He was one of the founder of the clown company Filarmonica Clown in the early 80’s and still works with them today. He also worked for many years for RAI (Italy’s State television) presenting and acting in the children’s program Albero Azzurro.

Many other artists have helped us creating and touring our shows in the past, and they might be back with us again in the future. We want to thank:

Amy Michaels, Emilia Brodie, Airlie Scott, Zoe Harrison , Andrew Irwine, Frank Wurzinger, Pietro Chiarenza, Keta Newborn, Martha Kotzian, Zoe Hunter and all of those who have played with us.