The Fish's Wishes - Lyngo Theatre


The Fish's Wishes

Lyngo Theatre presents


Co-produced by the Half Moon Young People’s Theatre 

A show by Marcello Chiarenza from an idea by Raffaella Meregalli

Adapted and performed by Patrick Lynch

Original Music by Carlo ‘Cialdo’ Capelli

Design assistant Elena Marini

Ages 3+ 


A little vegetarian fish who lives in a glass escapes into our airy world to eat bubbles, collect tears and drink stars from a bowl. He’s got lots of questions like ‘why is the sky blue?’ and ‘where is the sea?’ and just like many small creatures we know and love he needs answers and he needs them now. This is highly interactive philosophical cabaret for a younger audience. Patrick Lynch floats through a show full of laughs and surprises where you finally get some answers!

‘If your tears are salty it’s not a surprise, it’s just the sea coming out of your eyes.’