Watch the birdy - Lyngo Theatre


Watch the Birdy

Lyngo Theatre presents


A show by Marcello Chiarenza 

Adapted and performed by Patrick Lynch

Original music by Carlo ‘Cialdo’ Capelli

Design assistant Elena Marini

Ages 3+


It all starts with an egg that doesn’t want to hatch...His mum is busy, like all mums these days, and she’s got to get down South with all the other birds so Percy the gardener has to step in and see if he can convince Birdy to come out.

Is Birdy shy, lazy or scared? With that hungry eagle flying about he’s got good reason to be frightened but Percy isn’t alone in looking after him. There is Nancy the invisible spider, Sheila the spitting fish and Jeremy the sleepy bear as well, all played by Patrick Lynch in a show full of quick changes, magical disappearances and a host of excitable woodland creatures, all waiting to say hello to Birdy – if he ever comes out!