Room in the sky - Lyngo Theatre


Room in the sky

Lyngo Theatre presents


In collaboration with The Egg, Theater Royal Bath

A show by Marcello Chiarenza 

Adapted and performed by Patrick Lynch 

With Carlo Rossi

Original music by Carlo ‘Cialdo’ Capelli

Ages 4+


When Mr Rossi turns up to do this show with Mr Lynch it always goes wrong. As Mr Lynch shows Mr Rossi how the theatre works they play with and distill all the usual theatrical conventions. They stretch out light and throw it around. Sound effects suddenly become real and explode on the stage. Shadows become solid and solid things become insubstantial. 

As they struggle with each other to get somewhere they take the audience on a fantastic journey passing by shrinking desert islands, some frantic Shakespeare and a storm at sea as the show spills out into the auditorium.

This is a show all about the theatre and the wonderful things that an audience and actors can create – together.