What a wonderful world - Lyngo Theatre


What A Wonderful World

Lyngo Theatre presents


A show by Marcello Chiarenza 

Adapted and performed by Patrick Lynch 

Original music by Carlo Cialdo Capelli

Design assistant Elena Marini

Ages 2-5


Before anything new is made it must first be dreamed. From our moon-base in the Sea of Tranquility we get a great view of the earth and it’s time to make a new one just like we do every night! What shall we put in tomorrow’s world? Snowballs and flamingos of course! So all aboard the sleeper train as it takes us on our dream voyage. We start with putting the stars in the sky and move through history, discovering fire all over again and finally arriving at the one-world tree where we celebrate the new world that we made all together. This is an amazing romp through the universe where you can get your hands on the stuff of creation!