The Fish's Wishes - not current - Lyngo Theatre


The Fish's Wishes


We all know what it feels like to be a fish out of water but our hero really is one in this bubbly show! 

A little fish who lives in a glass of water gets knocked over by the cat and finds himself suddenly in our airy world of up and down populated by strange creatures like the hoover-fish and books full of fire.  Our little fish has lots of questions like ‘how do you breathe with air?’, ‘Where do they keep the water?’ and ‘ why is the sky blue?’. Just like many small creatures we know and love he needs answers and he needs them now.

This is philosophical cabaret for the very young presented with grace and poetry and a good dose of the surreal. Accompanied by our amazing theatre toys - like an umbrella with built-in rain, a bowl full of stars and a pot full of bubbles – Patrick Lynch floats through a show full of laughs, surprises and some real scientific explanations where our young audience finally get some of their constant questions answered.

‘If your tears are salty it’s not a surprise, it’s just the sea coming out of your eyes!’

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