The Dustman - not current - Lyngo Theatre


The Dustman


Dreams are mysterious. We don’t know what they mean or why they happen but we know where they come from – The Dust Man makes them. He lives on the other side of the mirror where all the forgotten dusty things end up. From the flotsam and jetsam of your memories and wishes he constructs your personal dream voyage for you every night. All of us dream so he’s pretty busy and with the toilet-phone constantly ringing and the night falling into a saucepan it’s really a nightmare for him. Nero, his cat, is there to help him though and tonight they are both going to make your dreams come true in front of your eyes in a tour de force of stage illusions and surreal events. You’ll be constantly rubbing your eyes and pinching yourself in this show where it is always 9 o’clock but not always bed time and where we find out what to do if you are afraid of the dark. Close your eyes, open your hearts and get ready for the best day-dream you’ve ever had.

“There's a genuine understanding … of children's night-fears as well as their ability to send imagination into total, rewarding freefall. The visual imagery - magical special effects, deft puppetry - is beautifully contrived while the lively music and Lynch's flair for clowning with an air of mystery in it, make for an intriguing, even reassuring, dreamtime that's also a celebration of theatre itself.” The Glasgow Herald

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