Knick Knack and Doo Dad - not current - Lyngo Theatre


Knick Knack and Doo Dad 


Take Castaway, the Marx Bothers and It’s a Wonderful Life, mix them all up and you get this story which shows us that no man is an island.

Knick lives on a big smelly island of rubbish all by himself and spends all day sorting through our crud and clinker – it’s not a wonderful life! But it all changes when Doo Dad arrives. He’s here to help, but actually ends up making everything worse. If only he could show Knick what friends are for he knows that the rubbish dump would burst into flower – but how do you help someone like Knick who doesn’t want to be helped? And should you?

We want you to help us decide and to join in with the rubbish storm, the crying chorus, and with making bubbly fire and ha-ha food in this highly interactive show about how silly it is to be sad. We'll have great fun as we transform our trash into amazing new toys and reboot your recycling routine into something special. Come along and discover all the reasons to be cheerful and find out what finally makes Knick Knack smile!

“Theatrically inventive… sublime acting.” Birmingham Post

“A charming spectacle… a great kids show ... the dynamic duo mastered the art of clowning brilliantly... Their knockabout antics had their intended audience hooting with laughter, jumping up and down in their seats and clapping along to music by Cialdo Capelli. the perfect level of humour for children to thoroughly relish. It was evident that each and every child was left utterly mesmerised by the performance, some claiming that they would give it ‘50 Billion out of 5’!”

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